We believe in the power of cloud.

Our mission is to empower industry professionals to unlock the transformative value of Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365.

The Microsoft Teams Industry Professionals challenge 

  • How do you keep up with Microsoft Teams having so many capabilities and integrations and the constant change of an evergreen cloud service?
  • Ecosystem solutions are required to complete your journey. How do you make an informed choice?
  • Where do you find up trusted, up to date advice and information?
  • How do you save time, cut the noise and ensure you know what you need to know?

The Solution.


Empowering.Cloud is here to provide Industry Professionals with the best and most up to date Microsoft Teams and ecosystem insights, advice and training.

With the breadth of Microsoft Teams and the constant change, this is quite a mission. Fortunately, with the support of the community and our relationships with Microsoft, Microsoft Partners and ecosystem vendors, we can gather the best real world information and advice.

Empowering.Cloud Community

Join over 3,000 industry professionals keeping up to date with Empowering.Cloud
Always free to access thanks to our great sponsors

Community Briefings and Monthly Update

Over 100 short sharp video briefings from 24 experts in the community sharing their knowledge on all things Microsoft Teams and ecosystem as well as a monthly update from Tom Arbuthnot

Community forum for news and discussion

Our forum is the first place we post Teams news and updates and is a great place to join the conversation, share your insights and ask your questions. 

Monthly Community Events

Each month we have events such as Teams Fireside Chat as well as webinars and other community events

Teams Update Newsletter

Need to keep up to date in as little time as possible. Our Teams update newsletter will keep you informed

Need to drive Microsoft Teams
sucess in your organisation?
Our Enablement Program for Microsoft Partners and Enterprises will keep you informed and up to date

Empowering.Cloud will always be community first, it is what we believe in. For organisations who need a proven system to skill up their teams, understand Teams and the ecosystem options and keep up to date, we offer our Enablement Membership.

Role specific learning paths

Learning Paths for Microsoft exams such as the MS-700, MS-721 and SC-300, and role-specific paths such as sales, presales and operations. With quick quizzes, certificates and organisational-level Power BI progress reporting

Research Papers

Our research team speed their time deep in the Microsoft Teams ecosystem covering Microsoft Teams PSTN Options, Contact Center, Compliance Recording and Device comparisons

 Ask your questions directly

As an enablement customer your peoplehave access to ask the Empowering.Cloud team questions directly. Ask via the messenger bot on the empowering.cloud portal or via questions@empowering.cloud anytime

Monthly Microsoft Teams Change and Roadmap Report

We stay on top othe Microsoft's change and roadmap so you don't have to. Get a consise report of all the changes and roadmap news each month

Monthly Group Teams Update and Questions and Answers Meeting

Each month a separate Enterprise and Partner enablement call to answer any questions you have or just share your experience and thoughts

Private Forum Spaces for Enterprises and Partners

Enablement customers have access to dedicated Partner and Enterprise Forum spaces for specific content and disucussions

Join Empowering.Cloud

For Industry Professionals working with Microsoft Teams, at Microsoft Partners and Customers

  • Community Briefings
  • Community Forum
  • Monthly Events
  • Teams Update Newsletter

Empowering.Cloud Enablement Program

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  • Role specific learning paths
  • Research Papers
  • Monthly Enablement Group Call - Teams Update and Q&A
  • Enablement discussion space
  • Access to ask Tom Arbuthnot and the Empowering.Cloud team your questions

Tom Arbuthnot, Co-founder of Empowering.Cloud

A Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Master, Tom Arbuthnot is Co-founder of Empowering.Cloud. He has spent over a decade focused on Microsoft UC and Collaboration working with many large and well known enterprises.

Alongside Tom is James Rodd, previously CEO of Microsoft UC specialist Modality Systems and Tom Morgan, Microsoft MVP focused on Microsoft Teams Development, and responsible for the Empowering.Cloud platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Empowering.Cloud commnity really free?

Yes. Empowering.Cloud will always be free for Individual IT professionals.

It takes a lot of research, time and effort working with great experts, Microsoft and customers organisations using Microsoft Teams to keep our briefings informative and up to date. Fortunately, Empowering.Cloud is supported by six fantastic benefactors, AudioCodes, AVI-SPL, Dubber, Luware, Neat and Ribbon and a wider number of supporters. They believe in our mission and help fund the work, enabling you to access free, up-to-date, independent information.

Who is behind Empowering.Cloud?

Empowering.Cloud is co-founded by Tom Arbuthnot, a Microsoft Certified Master and MVP since 2011 and James Rodd, previously founder and CEO of Microsoft collaboration specialists Modality Systems. Tom Morgan. Microsoft MVP has created the platform (Azure based) and provides Microsoft Teams development monthly update and briefings. We are a Microsoft partner and part of the Microsoft Start-up Program. 

However, most importantly, Empowering.Cloud would not be possible without the support of a global community of experts providing insights, advice and guidance for Empowering.Cloud briefings and everyone sharing their real world experiences. Empowering.Cloud is really the combined knowledge of our community.

Why does Empowering.Cloud have Benefactors and Supporters (sponsors)?

Creating great Microsoft Teams advice and training takes a lot of time and research. Working with experts. Microsoft and organisations using Microsoft Teams is the only way to get a complete picture and provide real-world advice. We want to empower as many people as possible, the support of our Benefactors and Supporter sponsorship allows us to invest the time needed and provide the advice and training for free in a sustainable way. 

Benefactors have each made a significant contribution to supporting Empowering.Cloud and get benefits in return, including brand awareness and Tom Arbuthnot working with them directly, for example, joining webinars and co-creating product briefings for their offerings. Any content created with Benefactors will be clearly identified as such. Benefactors and Supporters have no editorial influence on our content.

Sponsors provide a smaller but still greatly appreciated level of support for nothing in return other than supporting Empowering.Cloud and the community.

Both Benefactors and Sponsors support what we do. We could not do this without them, thank you.

Do Benefactors and Supporters control or influence content?

Categorically No. Benefactors and Supporters understand and agree that Empowering.Cloud to be valuable and credible, the advice and training must be independent of any vendor, Microsoft or partner influence. As part of signing up as Benefactors, Tom Arbuthnot will work with Benefactors on webinars and product briefings which will be made available to Empowering.Cloud members, but this will be clearly identified as benefactor content and separate to Empowering.Cloud briefings and content.

What do I get when I pay for Empowering.Cloud Enterprise or Partner memberships?

You are always welcome to be part of Empowering.Cloud and access our briefings and advice at no cost. Our Empowering.Cloud Premium subscriptions are for organisations who want to proactively drive the training experience within their IT organisations, ask questions, share information and advice with peers in private discussion areas and directly ask questions.

Who will have access to my information?

We take your privacy seriously. Your personal information will not be shared with benefactors or sponsors. To deliver you a great experience Empowering.Cloud platform is built on Microsoft Azure and uses several supporting services such as Auth0 for secure authentication, Outseta for membership management and Matomo for usage analytics. For full details on how we handle your data, please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service at the bottom of this page. If you have any questions please contact hello@empowering.cloud

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