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The right advice and training for the IT Professional working with Microsoft Teams, in consumable and to the point micro video briefings.

Microsoft Teams has changed Unified Communications and Collaboration forever

With 270 million monthly active users and over 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Teams has radically changed Unified Communication and Collaboration for millions of organizations and hundreds of millions of people.

Microsoft Teams moved us from servers to the cloud and brought together Unified Communications, Collaboration and lined of business applications and wider Microsoft 365.

To meet the requirements of your organization, you will also need to choose the right ecosystem solutions for PSTN, user devices, meeting room systems, attendant console and contact center, compliance recording and perhaps additional management and reporting tools.

Your organization's success with Microsoft Teams, an ever-changing cloud solution, requires a new approach to advice, training and operations.

The Microsoft Teams

challenge for IT Professionals 

  • How do you keep up with Microsoft Teams having so many capabilities and integrations and the constant change of an evergreen cloud service?
  • Ecosystem solutions are required to complete your journey. How do you make an informed choice?
  • Where do you find up trusted, up to date advice and information?
  • How do you save time, cut the noise and ensure you know what you need to know?

The Solution.
Empowering.Cloud's Mission.

Empowering.Cloud's mission is to provide the best and most up to date Microsoft Teams and ecosystem advice, guidance and training for IT Professionals. On-demand and free for anyone who needs it.

With the breadth of Microsoft Teams and the constant change, this is quite a mission. Fortunately, with the support and input of many friends at organisations using Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Partners ecosystem vendors and Microsoft, we can gather the best real world information and advice.

Empowering.Cloud is able to spend time creating the best and most up to date Microsoft Teams advice and training for IT Professionals and make it accessible free thanks to the support from sponsors and six key benefactors.

Join Empowering.Cloud and get free access to

Microsoft Teams and ecosystem expert advice and training

Quick consumable video briefings on all the key Microsoft Teams topics. Real-world insights from field experts, including Microsoft MVPs, MCMs and MCTs.

Training to pass MS-700 and MS-720 Microsoft Teams exams

Specific learning paths to help you pass and renew your MS-700 Managing Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Voice Engineer exams.

Monthly Microsoft Teams Update Briefing

Microsoft Teams and the wider ecosystem are constantly evolving. Get everything you need to know each month in our email update and monthly update briefing

Knowledge Tests and Training completion certificates and Badges

Reinforce your learning and get ready for Microsoft Teams exams with knowledge tests. Show your expertise with training completion certificates and badges you can add to your LinkedIn profile.

Invites to in-person Empowering.Cloud events

Sharing information and advice with your peers is at the core of Empowering.Cloud's mission. As well as sharing information online, we have several in-person industry forums, events and meet-ups

Access everything with the EC Microsoft Teams App

Access all the information, advice and training without leaving Microsoft Teams. The Empowering.Cloud Teams app makes it easy

Enterprise and Microsoft Partner organisational memberships get these additional benefits

Empowering.Cloud will always provide the best Microsoft Teams advice and training for free for individual IT Professionals, it's core to our mission. Enterprise and Partner paid memberships give everyone in their organisation these additional benefits.

Role specific and custom learning paths

A custom learning path that focuses on your specific role, for example operations, device management or service owner. Or create your own custom learning paths

User enrolment, management, reporting and gamification

Proactively enrol members of your team on specific learning paths, report on their progress and gamify learning within your team

Priority requests for questions, research and briefing topics

As a paying Pro member, you will get priority on questions and suggestions for briefing topics

Private community discussion area

Access to private community discussion forums to ask questions and share information and advice. Partners have a specific discussion forum for just their organisation

Monthly group Q&A call with Tom

Each month a separate Enterprise Pro and Partner Pro community call to answer any questions you have or just share your experience and thoughts

Access to ask Tom questions directly

As a pro member, you can reach out to Tom Arbuthnot directly with your Microsoft Teams questions

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Individual - Free Forever

For any IT Professionals working with Microsoft Teams

  • On-demand briefings and training
  • Monthly member update briefings
  • Roadmap and change tracker
  • Quizzes and completion certificates


$195 a month / $1950 a year

For Enterprises wanting to get the most out of Microsoft Teams

  • Access for everyone in your Enterprise IT team
  • User Management and Reporting
  • Custom learning paths
  • Private discussion area only for Enterprise members
  • Monthly group Q&A with Tom Arbuthnot and guest experts
  • Access to ask Tom Arbuthnot your questions

Microsoft Partner

$295 a month / $2950 a year

For Microsoft Partners, Service Providers and Operators

  • Access for everyone in your organisation
  • User Management and Reporting
  • Custom learning paths
  • Private discussion area for all partners and one for just users in your organisation
  • Monthly group partner Q&A call with Tom Arbuthnot and guest experts
  • Access to ask Tom Arbuthnot your questions

About Tom Arbuthnot, founder of Empowering.Cloud

A Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Certified Master, Tom Arbuthnot is Founder and Principal at Empowering.Cloud
Tom stays up to date with industry developments and shares news and his opinions on his, UC Today Microsoft Teams Podcast and email list. He is a regular speaker at events around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Empowering.Cloud really free?

Yes. Empowering.Cloud will always be free for Individual IT professionals. It takes a lot of research, time and effort working with Microsoft, expert consultants and most importantly, organisations using Microsoft Teams to keep our briefings real world, informative and up to date. Fortunately, Empowering.Cloud is supported by six fantastic benefactors, Benefactor 1, Benefactor 2, Benefactor 3, Benefactor 4, Benefactor 5 and Benefactor 6 and a wider number of sponsors. They believe in our mission and help fund the work, enabling you to access free, up-to-date, independent information.

Who is Empowering.Cloud?

Empowering.Cloud is founded by Tom Arbuthnot, a Microsoft Certified Master and MVP since 2011 and James Rodd, previously founder and CEO of Microsoft collaboration specialists Modality Systems. We are a Microsoft partner and part of the Microsoft Start-up Program. However, Empowering.Cloud would not be possible without the support of a global community of in the field experts providing insights, advice and guidance for our briefings. Empowering.Cloud is really the combined knowledge of our community.

Why does Empowering.Cloud have Benefactors and Sponsors?

Creating great Microsoft Teams advice and training takes a lot of time and research. Working with Microsoft, real-world field experts and organisations using Microsoft Teams is the only way to get a complete picture and provide real-world advice. Empowering.Cloud want to empower as many people as possible, the kind support of our Benefactors and Sponsors allows us to invest the time needed and provide the advice and training for free in a sustainable way. We thank them for their support.

Benefactors have each made a significant contribution to supporting Empowering.Cloud and get benefits in return, including brand awareness and Tom Arbuthnot working with them directly, for example, at events, webinars and product briefings.
Sponsors provide a smaller but still greatly appreciated level of support for nothing in return other than supporting the Empowering.Cloud community. Both Benefactors and Sponsors support what we do. We could not do this without them, thank you.

Do Benefactors and Sponsors control or influence content?

Categorically No. Benefactors and Sponsors understand and agree that Empowering.Cloud to be valuable and credible, the advice and training must be independent of any vendor, Microsoft or partner influence. As part of signing up as Benefactors, Tom Arbuthnot will work with them on webinars and product briefings which will be made available to Empowering.Cloud members, but this will be clearly identified and separate to Empowering.Cloud briefings and content.

What do I get when I pay for Empowering.Cloud Enterprise or Partner memberships?

You are always welcome to be part of Team Empowering.Cloud and access our briefings and advice at no cost. Our Empowering.Cloud Pro subscriptions are for organisations who want to proactively drive the training experience within their IT organisations, ask questions, share information and advice with peers in private discussion areas and directly ask questions.

Who will have access to my information?

We take your privacy seriously. Your personal information will not be shared with benefactors or sponsors. To deliver you a great experience Empowering.Cloud platform is built on Microsoft Azure and uses several supporting services such as Auth0 for secure authentication, Outseta for membership management and Matomo for usage analytics. For full details on how we handle your data, please see our Privacy Policy. We will share generalised and non-user-specific information on numbers of members, video views and engagement as these numbers support the case for sponsorship.

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