Research Guidelines

This page explains the standard approach we take with all research documents. Some research is accessible to community members, and some only to our Enablement customers.

If you have any concerns or feedback about a particular research piece or have any further questions, please email support@empowering.cloud

Research Access

A number of research assets are Community assets and available to all Empowering Cloud users.

The remaining research is for Empowering Cloud enablement customers & partners. If you see the image below for an asset you believe you should have access to, please email support@empowering.cloud or speak to a member of the team via the chat functionality located on the bottom right of the screen.

Data Collection Process

Below are the high-level steps undertaken when creating a research document.

  1. All Microsoft-certified solutions in a category are included in the list for comparison. As new devices/solutions become certified, we will endeavour to add them to the comparison as soon as possible.
  2. A list of factors/metrics for comparison is determined, and that data is gathered via publicly available data and from solution providers should they want to provide it.
  3. Each Provider/OEM is contacted to complete or enhance the information gathered.Please note: The only exception to this is the Operator Connect Provider Comparison. The data for this report is gathered directly from Microsoft.
  4. Provider/OEMs are invited to provide updates as they become available

We will constantly review these documents and update the reach asset periodically.

Sponsor Influence

Empowering.Cloud’s goal is to provide the community with an independent and objective view. We will not provide ranking or recommendations around solutions/devices via our research documents.

The information provided via our research is in a format allowing the reader to filter and sort as required.

Empowering.Cloud has a number of sponsors that support our community work. These sponsors have no influence over the research created but are welcome to provide content.

Roadmap Items

Due to our close working relationship with a number of providers/vendors, we will sometimes include ‘Roadmap’ items within our research data.

These can be seen as ‘In Progress’ or ‘Coming Soon’ depending on the research document. These are only included if the feature is expected within the next three months.

If you require any further information about a ‘Roadmap item’, please reach out directly to the provider/vendor for more information. Alternatively, reach out to the Empowering.Cloud team who will be happy to assist.