Research Guidelines

This document provides information on authoring briefings for Empowering.Cloud

What is Empowering.Cloud?

Empowering.Cloud is a global Microsoft Teams IT Pro community. Our mission is to provide the best independent Microsoft Teams and ecosystem insights advice and training. 15 minute video briefings from experts around the world are added and updated weekly to keep up with the pace of change in the cloud.

Who can author briefings?

Providing the best information and advice for Microsoft Teams and the Microsoft Teams ecosystem is a big mission. We can only achieve this through a community approach.

We look for subject matter experts to provide 15 minute video briefings on specific topics. This includes Microsoft Certified Masters, Microsoft MVP’s and Microsoft Certified Trainers, but critically not just those the MCM/MVP/MCT badges, but others who are real world subject matter experts.

Do sponsors influence content?

Empowering.Cloud is proudly supported by 6 Key benefactors who make large contribution to support Empowering.Cloud and many other industry supports who also contribute to support our mission. Delivering on our mission and making this community sustainable requires money and time and sponsors allow us to provide free access to the briefings and community. We thank them for investing in and supporting the industry and community.

Sponsoring Benefactors and Supporters have no influence or editorial control over content. The benefactor sponsorship package does include us creating specific vendor focused videos such a product and service briefings, created in our own unique style with the goal or providing value to both the benefactor and the community. All sponsored content is clearly labelled as sponsors.

How do I author a briefing?

You are the expert, so we want you to deliver your information in the best way possible, but we do look for some uniformity to best serve the community

  • Content
    • Briefings should be on a specific topic
    • Please do explain who you are and promote your own blog/links/social, this is hopefully a great opportunity for you to expand your personal network
    • Note, we strongly invite feedback and questions from the community on all briefings. Be ready for questions and feedback :). They will be posted as comments on your briefing
    • If you work for a vendor, please keep the content agonistic, you have been invited to do a briefing as an industry SME rather than with your vendor hat on
  • Technical
    • Briefings should be a screen recording, can be slides and/or demo, you being on video is completely optional
    • Please use a screen recording software (PowerPoint or OBS are both great and free).
    • Please ensure you have good and consistent Audio. Often a headset is easiest for good audio.
    • If you need help with editing and or audio (normalization, noise reduction) let us know, we are happy to help
    • Deck Template: here
  • Posting your briefing
    • Please provide us with your MP4 and we will post your briefing

What are the benefits to me of doing a briefing?

A completely fair question. Firstly we think its a great opportunity you get to give back to the community. Your briefing will be made available free to our over 850 members in the community and you and your briefing promoted on our email list and LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. We hope this provides you with great visibility as an subject matter expert and gives you a chance to network with our wider community.

Are authors paid for briefings?

No, all briefings are kindly done on a voluntary basis. In theory we are not against paying for authors time for content creation, we appreciate this takes time and effort. As we establish the community we are relying on the kind contribution of subject matter experts.

Any other questions?

Please email our Community Manager Lyndsay.Ansell@empowering.cloud who will be happy to help you.